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The right tool for every job. The Technique Tools range of diamond tipped saw blades deliver exceptional performance on a variety of materials. Sourced directly from respected manufacturers including OX, Unitec, and STAG, our range of blades gives you the ability to cut cleaner, quicker and quieter than ever before. Read More...

Our selection of blades has been carefully designed to deliver faster cuts while conforming to or exceeding industry safety standards. But that doesn’t mean you’ll pay more. Technique Tools is dedicated to making the best affordable, offering class-leading products at some of the most competitive prices. Get more out of every brick with Technique Tools - order today and work with quality tools for less.

A range of diamond cutting blades for masonry, concrete, metal & more

It’s always a job well done with Technique Tools. We offer diamond blades in 9, 14 and 16 inch sizes for every application and role, helping you cut through damn near anything. Whether you’re shaving bricks to size, reshaping steel or trimming concrete and natural stone for installation, we’re there for you. Each of those jobs needs its own special blade, and we’re proud to say we’ve got ‘em all.

Whatever challenges you’re up against, they’re no match for the Technique Tools range. Perfectly fitting our range of brick cutting tools and splitters, our blades boast advanced technology that helps them run cooler, provide greater visibility and cut smoother.

Cutting blades and other masonry & bricklaying tools

Don’t stop there. Technique Tools provides complete solutions for tradespeople everywhere. From hand tools to mortar additives and PPE, we’ve got you covered.

Order today and enjoy fast, affordable delivery anywhere in Australia. Get tooled up today and start working with the best on your jobsite.

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