Laser Level with Staff & Tripod

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Heavy-duty site tough Imex Laser Level with 3m Telescopic Tripod and 5m Extendable Staff.

Imex Laser Level Features

  • Robust construction tough horizontal laser level
  • Self-levelling (electronic)
  • 600m range, includes a standard detector
  • Calibration Certificate9Ah lithium-ion battery – approx. 40 hours run time
  • USB quick charge port with car charger
  • LRX10 Digital Detector in mm reading (German made)
  • 90mm Detector reading ultra-fine, fine, medium, coarse and ultra course
  • Fast and accurate set-up time
  • Re-sets if unit is bumped or moved
  • Grade Slope to 50 (8.8%) – Manual grade setting for slopes (Ideal for pipe layout or concrete slab falls)
  • Accuracy – +/- 1.5mm @ 30 metres for excellent results every time

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