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Arbortech Saws and Parts 

Sometimes things that go up, must come down. Or at least out. The Arbortech AS175 Brick & Mortar Saw Kit is all about that. This machine removes mortar from walls as if the wall had just been built. With the dust boot you can keep it clean on the job. This is great for re-bedding mortar or installing electrical wall sockets. You can remove the old vents in the brick walls, or even just a single brick with doctor-like precision. This is a machine that’s engineered to improve safetyand just make it plain-old easier when cutting mortar, brick walls, and more. As the name suggests, this is a kit, and it comes with a heavy-duty tool bag to keep all your bits and pieces in one place for when you need them.  

We have plenty of Arbortech parts and accessories to the point where you could probably build one of these out of all the parts we sell. While that would be pointless, we’re just saying that if you need a part for your Arbortech saw, we’ll have it right here. We’ve got the Arbortech Plunger Blade and a pack of two Arbortech General Blades depending on the job you need done. So don’t just sit there, grab your dust extractor boot and get back out there and finish the job!