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Diamond Blades & Bricksaw Blades

What is it that you want out of a Diamond Blade? You want a blade that will last longer, like, maybe 25% longer than other blades? You want it to have been engineered to perform faster, made from premium quality materials. You’ll need that reinforced centre plate for safety and guaranteed performance. Something that will cut granite, clay, natural stone, metal, concrete, pretty much just about anything you can throw at it. It’s the Diamond Blade, STAG Premium Quality Hard Clay Cutting - 350mm (14"), or 230mm (9”).

But that’s only a couple of the many diamond blades that we have to offer. We have blades for Hard Clay, concrete cutting, Concrete block cutting, and more. All of these are in sizes ranging from 9” to the mighty Block Cutting – 400mm (16”) blades. At Technique Tools, we have established ourselves on providing the best of the best because we know you don’t want anything less. We pride ourselves in quality tools and products like our diamond blades and brick saw blades that will last the test of time so that you can take pride in your job without sweating the small stuff.

A good diamond blade cuts more than just bricks or blocks, it can also cut massive amounts of time off your job. Don’t mess around with pretend blades that fail after just a few jobs. Blades are so good, you’ll forget you have them.