Wheelbarrows & Brick Buggies

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Wheelbarrows & Brick Buggies

When you need to move it, move it, or you need the apprentice to move it move it, there’s the easy way and the hard way. Well, I guess the easy way is to get the apprentice to do it, but hey, when you’ve got the right tools, there’s no excuse not to get it done well. Brickies wheelbarrows are all about toughness, they’ve got to be able to survive everything you can throw at them, or in them. Just like you, they must be able to carry the heavy loads. They’ve got to have tires that can withstand the gruelling tasks that are demanded of them, and they need to be able to withstand our harsh Aussie environment

The wheelbarrows and Brick Buggies that Technique Tools offer are all of that and more. From the Brickstorm FUGLY Renderers Wheelbarrow (Narrow Pneumatic Wheel & Steel Handles) and it’s heavy-duty steel handles, premium industrial bearings.

We’ve got Brick Buggies with curved handles, straight handles, or a flat tray. These make moving bricks a breeze. Not to mention the spare wheels for your beloved ‘barrow or buggy and if you’re finding it hard to get a grip on things, we’ve got spare steel wheelbarrow handles as well.

When you need to move things on the job, we’ve got you covered.