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Guage Rods & Guage Tapes 

Ever wonder how those brickies get them dang bricks in such neat layers? For those in their brickie beginnings, the phrase "brick gauge" is used to define the height of the brick plus one bed of mortar (that is, the horizontal layer of mud if you were wondering) and yes, you guessed it, we have just the tools that help our legendary brickies send those walls up nice and even. 

Brick gauges are the standard used to set and verify the spacing between courses of mortared bricks. When you’re building a wall, it’s kind of a good idea to keep the courses at the same height in the corners. This is where the Gauge Rod and Gauge Tapes come in. 

Our Technique Brick Gauge Tape Measure is 3 metres long and includes 5 gauges, 84 - 88 Brick Gauges. If it’s a gauge rod you’re after, then you can’t go past our Technique Tools Gauge Rod with 5 Gauges in full colour and it has replaceable inserts! We’ve got the 84mm – 87mm or 85mm – 88mm engraved rods as well. Don’t hold back, get those walls up straight and keep your brick courses even with your new Technique Tools gauge rods and tapes!