Footprint Plugging Chisel, With Wrist Guard


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Premium quality Footprint Plugging Chisel.

Designed to remove mortar from between brick and block work prior to re-pointing or to aid in the removal of a brick.


  • Made in Sheffield, Britain.
  • Drop Hammer Forged from head to blade for superior strength.
  • Hardened and tempered blade for a long cutting life.
  • Fluted blade (groove down the centre of the blade) to allow the rapid discharge of mortar.
  • Domed head to delay the onset of mushrooming / splintering after repeated. use as well as prevent the optional handguard from sliding up and off the handle after repeated blows.
  • High-quality EVA plastic handguard to protect the hand from glanced blows.


  • 265mm x 16mm x 6mm