Viper Safe Green Acid Replacement

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Seriously Safe, Seriously Tough.

Viper is a safe, green acid replacement, multipurpose solution used for removing concrete & mortar smear, calcium, lime, tile grout, efflorescence & for etching concrete.

Lab-tested by Australian brick manufacturers, it has a number of industry-leading features and benefits, including:

  • Non-corrosive.
  • Non-fuming.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Safe on skin.
  • No transport risks.
  • No storage risks.
  • Eco-Friendly - Biodegradable in 10 days.
  • Clings to vertical surfaces.
  • Can be sprayed or foamed on.
  • Dilutable with water.
  • Mitigates acid-related issues.
  • Safer on construction metals & hardware.
  • Lab-tested by Australian brick manufacturers.
  • Will not damage painted surfaces, electrical systems, glass, rubber, seals etc.

Use Instructions:

For use on- Bricks, blocks, concrete, pavers, tiles, masonry products & surfaces

Surfaces to take care with- Concrete - UNLESS YOU WANT TO CLEAN OR ETCH IT, Anodised Aluminium, Zinc & Galvanised steel - these can easily be managed by not leaving on for too long and sufficient rinsing with water, a test patch is always advised

CONCRETE, MORTAR SMEAR, CALCIUM & LIME: Mechanically remove heavy buildup with a scraper or other suitable method, lightly wet areas you are planning on cleaning, apply Viper & leave for 30-60 seconds not allowing the product to dry, use a pressure cleaner for the best result or agitate with brushing & water, thoroughly rinse all areas with water once cleaned.

TILE GROUT: Remove hardened excess grout with scrapers or other, find the mix ratio that works best, apply Viper to approx 5sqm at a time or to an area that you can rinse before the product dries, leave for a few minutes, agitate with a hard bristle brush if required, mop or pressure clean area, if mopping you may need to mop a few times with clean water as Viper can leave an organic residue, this is easily cleaned with refreshed water & mopping.

EFFLORESCENCE: Remove excess salts with dry brushing, mark or make note of the area to be treated, mix Viper 3:1 with water and apply lightly with a broom or chemical resistant pressure sprayer, lightly spray the area to be treated and leave to biodegrade naturally, heavy build-up may need a stronger mix, salts can return, just retreat.

CLEANING TOOLS & RUST: Mechanically remove excess concrete or rust off tools or metal surface, use undiluted or 2:1 and apply to areas to be cleaned, leave for 1-2 minutes, clean with fresh water **remember clean metal will rust**

ETCHING OR CLEANING CONCRETE: Ensure area is swept and washed to leave clean concrete, lightly wet area and remove POOLING water with a squeegee, test an unseen area, use undiluted or 1:1, apply Viper evenly and don't allow product to dry, hard bristle broom if possible, pressure clean for best results or agitate with brushing & water, thoroughly rinse all areas once cleaned.

Safety- Whilst Barratec is safe we recommend the use of PPE to include protective eyewear and gloves, store in a cool ventilated area and keep upright

Hazard Statement- May be harmful if swallowed, may cause mild skin irritation, may cause mild eye irritation

Precaution- Keep container closed, do not eat or drink whilst using this product, wash hands thoroughly after use, dispose of unused product in accordance with local, regional, federal or international regulations

Technical Data- ADG REGULATIONS: Non-DG / FORM: Light Gel / FLASHPOINT: None / ODOUR: Mild Odour /