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Get into bricklaying as a Career

by macdanielvillacorte 24 Aug 2021

It's no doubt that having the knowledge of a tradesman is a great skill for life. Ask any tradie if they regret learning their craft and very few, if any, will ever say no. Learning a trade, especially as a bricklayer can build a great career pathway that produces a solid income. 

Bricklayers are now more in demand than ever! What does this mean for the industry? For those currently working as a brickie, there is more work and with basic supply/demand principles you can charge more per brick or job.

For those interested in how to get into bricklaying and new to the industry, there are more opportunities for apprenticeships and interest in getting more hands 'on the tools'. As this recent article from the local newspaper highlights, in Australia, now is a sound time to becoming a bricklayer! So if you're looking to work as a bricklayer in Melbourne why not pop into our store to browse our range or bricklaying tools.

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