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Why More Brickies are Turning to Lime Juice

by Tom Allan 12 Nov 2019

Lime has been the standard for masons going as far back as the Romans and there are plenty of good reasons for that. Lime brings workability, reliability and predictability to your mortar in a way that has been difficult to find an alternative to. But if it has been such a clear winner, why would you be looking for an alternative? 

As effective as lime is, it’s also expensive, temperamental and potentially dangerous, meaning more and more brickies are turning to alternatives. For many brickies, this means Lime Juice. Available exclusively through Technique Tools, Lime Juice has taken the attributes that have kept traditional lime in common use and cut back on the things that make it a pain to work with. If you’re looking to boost efficiency on your jobsite, take a look at what Lime Juice can do for you. 

So where does normal lime fall short?

Traditional lime isn’t particularly easy to work with. It’s highly caustic and can create all sorts of headaches, affecting the safety and productivity of your bricklayers and masons. The extra safety precautions, PPE, and thought that goes into these steps alone can become big hurdles when you’re trying to get straight to the task at hand.

Additionally, lime’s corrosive properties make it hard to move and store. The logistics of getting traditional lime to the worksite can be a job in and of itself. When you consider that lime isn’t exactly cheap either, you’re talking about a pretty significant investment of time, energy and resources that not many operations enjoy the luxury of. With the clock ticking and deadlines to be met, you need a solution that helps you get the job done without the fuss. 

What’s the alternative?

Lime Juice is your fix. It’s the alternative that brings a cheaper, safer and more efficient way of doing things to your jobsite, side-stepping the drawbacks of traditional lime. Developed by brickies for brickies, Lime Juice is a colourless admixture that delivers the workability, durability and cohesion you need from traditional lime, without the corrosive risk to your health.

An Australian first, Lime Juice is the only lime replacement liquid that has been developed to comply with the Australian Masonry Standards and is certified to AS 3700 Section requirements for:

  • Compressive strength (AS 1012.9)
  • Flexural strength (AS 3700 Appendix D6)
  • Durability (M2 Mortar)(AS3700 Appendix E).

Lime Juice also complies with AS 1478.1 pertaining to air entraining admixtures (Bleed Test AS 1012.6) and chemical requirements (AS 1478.1 Sections 1 & 2). We’ve even designed Lime Juice to help produce a longer setting time than standard mortars (AS 1012.18). Making sure that you’re getting the benefits of a tried-and-tested solution, while cutting right back on the things that can get in the way of your work.

Lime Juice is completely non-caustic, making it safer to work with around the jobsite – and with only 50 grams required per 25 kilograms of cement, it’s cost-effective to boot. The result? Your bricklayers and masons can get to work immediately without the risk, and without the need for any extra PPE. Easy! 

If you’re serious about being the best brickie you can be, get tools that help you work faster, smoother and easier. Traditional lime has done its job, but now there’s an alternative. Lime Juice brings the old-world reliability of a tried and true method to the modern worksite, making your work safer, more predictable, and up to standard.

Make the shift to using Lime Juice, Technique Tools have plenty of it!  Call (03) 9334 5556 to get in touch with us at our Tullamarine store and talk about placing a bulk order today. We do free shipping on orders over $150 and can get you started with the alternative you’ve been looking for.

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