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Find the Finishing Touches with Technique Tools

by Addition Collaborator 04 Feb 2020

Find the Finishing Touches with Technique Tools

Find the Finishing Touches with Technique Tools

Just about anyone will agree that the most satisfying part of any project is where you get to put in the finishing touches. Getting to the jointing process in a bricklaying project is no exception. Whether you’re going layer by layer and finishing as you go, or you’ve got it all in place and you’re going to finish it all at once, those last steps can really bring out the quality of your work.

You might be one of the lucky few that always has the time, but most bricklayers have to strike a careful balance between the desire for a perfect finish and the time it takes to get one. In cases like this, good equipment is the answer. The right bit of kit can be just the thing you need to produce the finish you want in the time you have. 

The Finish is in the Foundations

Anyone will tell you, the best results need to be earned. In bricklaying, as with most things, the basics don’t change. Looking after even the finer details from the outset is going to put you where you need to be at completion.

Mixing with clean water, keeping an eye on the weather, and setting your guidelines nice and straight are all parts of the bigger equation. It’s all about putting the work in to earn a good finish. The results you get are going to be made up of all the details.

Save Time and Get Results

Timing is everything and good equipment can help you produce the opportunities you need to capitalise on whatever time you have available. With Technique Tools, we understand what goes into a good result. Technique Tools sell a range of equipment designed to give bricklayers the backing they need to get a great result and our finishing equipment is no exception. 

A targeted and reliable choice for anyone looking to get that perfect concave finish, the Technique Poly Jointer features 10mm and 12mm edges and points designed to reach right into those hard to reach corners. 

Technique Tools, The Choice for You

Technique Tools are the supplier of choice for bricklayers across Australia. Operating out of Tullamarine, we take pride in supplying the equipment that makes hard work rewarding. We can help you produce your best work at pace, and high-quality finishing equipment is a big part of how we can make that happen.

Look to us for your next purchases and know that your supporting the business knows what you need from your equipment. We understand that a good result is one that is earned at each step of the way and we make that result possible by supplying the top-notch products and equipment that makes that work possible.

Get in touch Technique Tools by calling (03) 9334 5556 and ask us how we can help you and your team get kitted out for the next project. Orders over $150 get free shipping and there is plenty you will want to look at to get there.
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