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How to Reduce Waste and Increase Profitability

by Addition Collaborator 15 Jan 2020

Tradies know better than anyone that excess waste can add up and really blow a budget out of control. That’s why it’s important to think about ways to reduce unused materials so that you can increase returns and stop wasting money. Stuck for how to do this? Read on below as we look at ways you can tighten your operation and increase profitability, one brick at a time.

Plan & make a budget

Never underestimate the value of planning. Whether you are working for yourself or as a contractor, you should always take the time to understand the specific requirements of each job. So, stop estimating and start taking exact measurements instead. Building a retaining wall? Make sure you’ve got the right quantity of bricks per square metre to cater for height and length. Fixing wonky pavers? Calculate the amount of concrete you’ll need as precisely as possible. Budgeting in this regard will help you to reduce the amount of overspending that you do. It can make the difference between wasting a mixer of cement or a slab of bricks. Failing to plan will hurt your back pocket when it comes to buying supplies, and it’ll also increase costly trips to the tip. 

Use good equipment & materials

Cutting corners when it comes to equipment and supplies will hurt you in the long run. Flimsy shovels and dodgy hoses make cleaning up and getting rid of waste a nightmare. Good brickwork that reduces waste depends on quality trowels, reliable mortar guns and everything in between. The same can be said for the materials that you buy. Look for quality mixes and bricks, not offcuts or cheap supplies that come with chips and breaks. Why? Because poor standards will create problems, waste and lead to costly reordering. Get extra life out of cement mixes by using a lime juice product that is tried and true. You’ll also buy yourself some extra time before things set, which means less margin for error. The above tips are must do’s if you’re looking to reduce waste and protect your bank account.   

Recycle & reuse

Be smart and take advantage of the leftover supplies or materials that you may have. Collect any spare bricks and use them for future jobs. Broken pieces might be unhelpful for neat sections but may be perfect for rounded areas. Reusing materials will decrease waste and lead to fewer trips to disposal areas, which will save money. Take things a step further by thinking about a waste management plan that can be simple or complex. Allocate specific bins for different resources so your gang knows what goes where. Expect to see less waste hanging around during the job and enjoy an easier clean up when things come to an end. Tidier worksites offer better efficiency which is great for profitability because your gang can get the job done faster.   

Expert suppliers for your needs

Get proactive by reducing waste and you’ll be in a good position to make some real profits. Be sure to plan ahead and get specific, use good tools and supplies plus keep an eye towards reusing anything that’s left over. For help with your next project, get in touch with the team at Technique Tools and we will get all of your bricklaying needs sorted. 
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